The Writer’s Journey

The Writer’s Journey:vogler_cover
Mythic Structure for Writers, 2nd edition

Christopher Vogler (1998)

This is the book that will forever change the way you look at storytelling–your own and others’–in film as well as in text. Vogler takes Joseph Campbell’s work in The Hero with a Thousand Faces and makes it accessible to the rest of us. More than that, he applies Campbell’s concepts of mythic structure and archetypes to stories in such a way that readers can clearly see the analogies in their own lives. He begins by describing seven of the most common and most important archetypes, not as roles, but as dramatic functions–functions that may be required of any character in a story. He then goes on to map out the stages of every hero’s journey, making clear that every character (including yourself) is a hero in his or her own story. Throughout the book, Vogler refers to well known myths, stories, and films–particularly Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz–to elucidate his points. Writers, readers, and even filmgoers will gain immeasurably from exposure to Vogler’s ideas. 326 pages.

Parts of the book:


Introduction: Preparing for the Journey

Book One: Mapping the Journey

  • A Practical Guide
  • The Archetypes
  • Hero
  • Mentor
  • Threshold Guardian
  • Herald
  • Shapeshifter
  • Shadow
  • Trickster

Book Two: Stages of the Journey

  • Ordinary World
  • Call to Adventure
  • Refusal of the Call
  • Meeting with the Mentor
  • Crossing the First Threshold
  • Tests, Allies, Enemies
  • Approach to the Inmost Cave
  • Ordeal
  • Reward (Seizing the Sword)
  • The Road Back
  • Resurrection
  • Return with the Elixir

Epilogue: Looking Back on the Journey


  • Filmography
  • Bibliography
  • Hero’s Journey Worksheet
  • Index

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