Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth


Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

by R. Buckminster Fuller (1969)

In this, his most accessible application of design science, R. Buckminster Fuller lays out his program for human survival on Earth. The inventor of the geodesic dome and author of Synergetics and Critical Path takes us back to the beginnings of civilization to show how the Great Pirates successfully utilized economic specialization to control the world until World War I, “when the most powerful out-pirates challenged the in-pirates with the scientific and technological innovation of an entirely new geometry of thinking.” Armed with our new “comprehensively commanded automation,” inhabitants of Earth can look ahead to a “physically uncompromised, metaphysical initiative of unbiased integrity” that “could unify the world.” 144 pages.


1. Comprehensive Propensities

2. Origins of Specialization

3. Comprehensively Commanded Automation

4. Spaceship Earth

5. General Systems Theory

6. Synergy

7. Integral Functions

8. The Regenerative Landscape

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