The Quiet Center


The Quiet Center

by John C. Lilly, M.D.
& Philip Hansen Bailey Lilly (2003)

Having spent a few hours in isolation tanks back in the ’80s, I felt it was finally time to look into their chief promoter, John Lilly. I expected a tripped-out sendback to the ’60s but, instead, found myself encountering my favorite writers: Tom Robbins, Bucky Fuller and, of course, Joseph Campbell. Through these encounters, I came to admire Lilly for his doggedly scientific approach to answering (for himself, at least) The Big Questions, and began to wish I’d been a little more disciplined in my own adventures within the “void space” of the tank. In the end, however, Lilly’s experiments left him with nothing more–and nothing less–than “profound ignorance.”

I know the feeling. 137 pages.


Survival Guide by Philip Hansen Bailey Lilly

Thoughts on Lilly by Tom Robbins

From Science to God by Peter Russell

  1. Search for Self
  2. What is Reality?
  3. Human Bio-Computers
  4. Belief Systems
  5. What is Real?
  6. Contained Mind
  7. Mind Unlimited
  8. Void Space
  9. From Here to the Farthest Zero
  10. Entering Alternative Realities
  11. Conversations with Three Beings
  12. What I Found in the Void
  13. Creating Your Void Space
  14. Alternity
  15. Sensory Deprivation
  16. Polar & Sea-Faring Isolation
  17. Evolution
  18. Making Sense of It All

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