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Brian Eno:
His Music and the Vertical Color of Sound

by Eric Tamm (1995)

Many are creative, and most of us are productive in some way, but few people are both creative and productive. Brian Eno is the exception — a producer known for his creativity, and a musical creator known for his prodigious output. Eric Tamm shows how Eno, the “non-musician” whose instrument is the recording studio, uses holistic approaches to bring his ideas to audible life. From the “idiot energy” of his progressive rock to New Wave and “fourth world music,” from the “meta-meta-idea” that became ambient to Robert Fripp’s “catalytic creature,” Brian Eno is one brain. 235 pages.

Table of Contents


Part I. Eno in the World of Music

    1. Eno’s Work in Perspective
    2. Background and Influences
    3. On Other Music: Eno as Critic
    4. The Ear of the Non-Musician
      • Art School and Experimental Works: Process and Product
      • On Listening
      • Craft and the Non-Musician
    5. Listeners and Aims
      • Eno’s Audience
      • Eno’s Artistic Intent
      • “Generating and Organizing Variety in the Arts”
    6. The Compositional Process
      • Equipment
      • Systems of Composing
      • Verbal Expression and Lyrics
    7. The Musician as Philosopher
      • Ultimate Realities
      • Culture and Information
      • The Masculine and the Feminine
      • Politics
      • Metaphors and Images

Part II. Eno’s Music

  1. Taking Rock to the Limit
    • The Albums
  2. Eno’s Progressive Rock: The Music
    • Assaultive Rock Songs
    • Pop Songs
    • Strange Songs
    • Hymn-Like Songs
    • Instrumental Pieces
  3. The Ambient Sound
    • Long Ambient Pieces
    • Short Ambient Pieces
  4. Collaborations
    • With Robert Fripp
    • With David Bowie
    • With Talking Heads and David Byrne
  5. Essence, History, and Beauty
    • The Music’s Essence
    • The Music’s History
    • The Music’s Beauty

Epilog — 1989-1995

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Eno Discography

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