The Divine Image

William Blake’s Reward   Twirled between forefinger and thumb, the daisy became a wheel in the little boy’s imagination; arcing overhead at arm’s length, it was the sun wheeling across a pale blue sky, its golden disk radiating white hot… Read More ›

Sleepers, Wake!

  The Ordeal of J.S. Bach The boy watched in muted grief as adults threw handfuls of dirt upon the coffin below.  The hole in the ground became a hole in the young boy’s life, a hole that his mother… Read More ›

With a Sling and a Stone

Michelangelo’s Approach to the Ordeal   The marble not yet carved can hold the form Of every thought the greatest artist has, And no conception ever comes to pass Unless the hand obeys the intellect. — from “Sonnet XV” by… Read More ›

But Not Yet

St. Augustine and Refusal of the Call St. Augustine was born Aurelius Augustinus in Algeria, in the north of Africa, in the year of our Lord three hundred and fifty-four.  His understanding of the world, our relationship with God, and… Read More ›

A Tale of Two Planets

A visible tremor rippled the length of Zircon’s foot when the sensory tentacle found his skirt.  Immediately, though with a hint of reluctance, he retracted an optical tentacle from the quartz porthole above his head and flashed the customary “Who… Read More ›

Discussions at a Textbook Fair

Entering the community room at the college where you work is somewhat disconcerting.  The haunting “Promenade” theme from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition keeps playing through your head; it must have been on the radio driving up here.  You’re right… Read More ›