This Land — Abbey, Carson, and Leopold

Elixirs of Death

Set your time machine for the early 1960s and get ready to take notes for what is likely the most easily understood chemistry lecture ever delivered. Professor Carson is at the lectern—the world is her classroom. Read “Elixirs of Death”… Read More ›

Under the Sea Wind Critique

Rachel Carson introduced herself as an ecologist and a writer through publication of “Undersea.” The article met with considerable success and she was encouraged to develop her ideas into a book-length work. The result was Under the Sea Wind, a… Read More ›


We travel full circle — a year, a generation of eels — to feel the rhythms of life syncopated by the rhythms of other species, then step back to observe the larger rhythms of the Earth itself. Read “Return” in… Read More ›

Seine Haul

Carson takes us to the top of the food chain as we participate in the efforts of a fishing crew intent on netting a school of feeding mackerel. We go below to swim with the prey, only to discover a… Read More ›

Flood Tide

Fly, swim, and stroll through the food web along the shores of the eastern seaboard as Carson takes us on a guided tour of the wildlife resident there—including Homo sapiens. Read “Flood Tide” in Under the Sea-Wind by Rachel Carson

A Writer’s Credo

Abbey lays out the foundation of his philosophy as a writer in this no-holds-barred exhortation to stand up and state your convictions — tell us what you really think. Credo is Latin for “I believe.” What follows is the writer’s… Read More ›


In this, his strongest statement for the protection of wilderness through monkeywrenching, ecoterrorism or, as he calls it, eco-defense, Abbey abandons fiction and bigger than life characters to proclaim revolution in the woods. First he masterfully argues for the right… Read More ›