Many Sages, One Tao

MSOT cover
Many Sages, One Tao
A Journal in 81 Verses

by Douglas James Joyce

Cinyee Chiu (illustrator)
Luke Gerwe (designer)

Explore the Tao, and discover the Sage within, through this unique, illustrated and interactive Tao Te Ching.  (354 pages)

  • Each of Lao Tzu’s 81 verses is presented in English, with a fresh, contemporary translation.
  • The original Chinese is also provided, using simplified Chinese characters.
  • Commentary by Chinese scholars (both ancient and modern) accompanies each verse.
  • Connections are made to Western philosophy and popular culture.
  • Contemplation prompts are provided, followed by space for journaling, through which you will deepen your own understanding of each verse.
  • An index allows quick reference to subjects from “abundance” to “Zen.”
  • Additional space is provided for creating a Personal Index and recording Personal Notes.

Use Many Sages, One Tao to reach a deeper understanding of the Tao and find your inner Sage through this interactive guide to one of the world’s most beloved philosophical and spiritual texts.

Now available wherever books are sold, including, and Barnes & Noble!

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