The Land Ethic

In his most famous essay, Leopold explains our relationship with the land, with the world, with life itself, and points at our blind acquiescence to the neo-classical economic paradigm. He offers a litmus test for the right use of land,… Read More ›


Leopold laments the loss of wildness in this companion-piece to “Thinking Like a Mountain.” He had been among those who worked to tame the frontier. As a forester Leopold mapped it, measured its weight in gold, timbered it, grazed it,… Read More ›

Marshland Elegy

Free verse and a masterful twist on anthropomorphism tell the birth and death of Wisconsin’s bog meadows from the point of view of the sandhill crane such that man is trivialized to the status of just another marsh animal, but… Read More ›


In this essay from the “November” section of A Sand County Almanac, a reflective Leopold is at his most philosophical. One is reminded of Thoreau hoeing his beans in Walden as Leopold describes the decision process that lies behind which… Read More ›

One in Every Four

Carson presents one of the earliest broad treatments of environmental causes of cancer. She was, herself, suffering from breast cancer while writing this text, though she does not reveal the fact. Read “One in Every Four” in Silent Spring by… Read More ›