In this, his strongest statement for the protection of wilderness through monkeywrenching, ecoterrorism or, as he calls it, eco-defense, Abbey abandons fiction and bigger than life characters to proclaim revolution in the woods. First he masterfully argues for the right… Read More ›

The Monkey Wrench Gang Critique

The Monkey Wrench Gang is one of those rarities in literature: a novel that spawns a movement, literally comes to life. What William Gibson’s science fiction has done for cyberspace and virtual lives based on networked computing, Edward Abbey’s works… Read More ›

Strangers in the Night

Hayduke and Abbzug monkeywrench some of the equipment used in the clear-cutting operation. Under Bonnie’s distracted watch, Hayduke is surprised by none other than Jack Burns, Abbey’s ubiquitous cowboy hero. Read “Strangers in the Night” in The Monkey Wrench Gang… Read More ›